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Jurnal teologic 17.2 (2018)

Tamara PEICU, Melanchton – Honterus: Intertextuality at the Dawn of Reformation in Transylvania, Jurnal teologic, Vol 17, Nr 2 (2018): 5-31. University of Viena, Abstract At the beginning of the 16th century, Transylvania experienced tumultuous times caused by an ongoing conflict between the Hungarian and the Habsburg Kings over the province and the looming […]

Jurnal teologic 17.1 (2018)

GHEORGHIȚĂ, Radu, Solum Evanghelium – Gal 2:15-21, Jurnal teologic, Vol 17, Nr 1 (2018): 5-45. Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Abstract The five Solas constitute a robust summary of the theology of the Reformers. Each of the Solas is supported by ample Scriptural texts across the entire spectrum of the New Testament writings and authors. […]

Jurnal teologic 16.2 (2017)

Daniel Fodorean, Martin Luther despre conducerea bisericii / Martin Luther About Church Leadership. Jurnal teologic, Vol 16, Nr 2 (2017): 5-25. Institutul Teologic Baptist din București Abstract The 95 Theses of Reformer Martin Luther contain many references to church and the leadership of the church. This written protest against the leadership of the Catholic […]

Jurnal teologic 16.1 (2017)

HANCOCK-STEFAN, George. ‘De la sat la doctorat – istoria unei teze de doctorat în istoria Reformei / From a Village Boy to a PhD dissertation in Reformation History.’ Jurnal teologic Vol 16, Nr 1 (2017): 5-23. Palmer Theological Seminary Abstract The intent of this article is to encourage students to pursue academic degrees, including doctoral […]

Jurnal teologic 15.2 (2016)

BARTOȘ, Emil. ‘Între declarație și devenire. Doctrina despre justificarea prin credință în teologia lui Jean Calvin și Dumitru Stăniloae. / Between Declaration and Becoming. The Doctrine of Justification by Faith in the Theology of Jean Calvin and Dumitru Stăniloae.’ Jurnal teologic Vol 15, Nr 2 (2016): 5-31. Abstract This study is focused on the Christian […]

Jurnal teologic 15.1 (2016)

FIDDES, Paul S. ‘Ecclesiology and Ethnography: one world revisited.’ Jurnal teologic Vol 15, Nr 1 (2016): 5-35. Abstract It is essential for theology to attempt to bring the two disciplines of ecclesiology and ethnography together. There are not just practical but distinctively theological reasons for this claim. In the end everything depends on the view one […]

Jurnal teologic 13.2 (2014)

SABOU, Sorin. ‘Snippets of Modern Wisdom.’ Jurnal teologic Vol 13, Nr 2 (2014): 5-27. Baptist Theological Institute of Bucharest; Liberty University Abstract These succinct snippets cover essential themes in the modern philosophy. The method is represented by Descartes, Bacon and to a certain extent Husserl. The existence of God as argued for by Descartes and […]