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Jurnal teologic 21.2 (2022)

Sorin BĂDRĂGAN, Ispite subtile din viața credinciosului: O abordare expozitiv-teologică a ispitirii lui Isus din Matei 4:1–11 / Subtle Temptations in the Life of the Believer: An Expositional-Theological Approach to the Temptation of Jesus in Matthew 4:1–11. Jurnal teologic Vol 21, Nr 2 (2022): 5-18. Abstract If in the case of Jesus Christ, the devil […]

Jurnal teologic 21.1 (2022)

Amiel DRIMBE, Scriptura și ziarul: receptarea versiunilor Dumitru Cornilescu de către ortodocșii din România în primii ani de la publicare (1920-1926), Jurnal teologic Vol 21, Nr 1 (2022): 5-39. Abstract Following the conversion of Dumitru Cornilescu (1917/1918), his transition to Protestantism, and the disputes at the “Stork’s Nest” Church (1922–1923), the attitude of Romanian Orthodox […]

Jurnal teologic 20.2 (2021)

Daniel-Marius MARIȘ, Teodor-Ioan COLDA, Relația dintre Seminarul Teologic Baptist și Biserica Creștină Baptistă „Golgota“ din București / The Relationship between the Baptist Theological Seminary of Bucharest and ‘Golgotha’ Baptist Church in Bucharest, Jurnal teologic Vol 20, Nr 2 (2021): 5-23. Abstract In this paper (“The Relationship between the Baptist Theological Seminary of Bucharest and ‘Golgotha’ […]

Jurnal teologic 20.1 (2021)

Daniel-Marius MARIȘ, Teodor-Ioan COLDA, Rolul pastorului baptist Constantin Adorian în fondarea Seminarului Teologic Baptist din București / The Role of the Baptist Pastor Constantin Adorian in Founding the Baptist Theological Seminary of Bucharest, Jurnal teologic Vol 20, Nr 1 (2021): 5-25. Rector, Institutul Teologic Baptist București Prodecan, Institutul Teologic Baptist București Abstract In […]

Jurnal teologic 19.2 (2020)

Daniel BARBU, Visul lui Machiavelli. Reforma, libertatea creştinului şi chestiunea teologico-politică / Machiavelli’s Dream. The Reformation, Christian Freedom, and the Theologico-Political Problem, Jurnal teologic Vol 19, Nr 2 (2020): 5-32. Facultatea de Teologie Catolică a Universităţii din Bucureşti Abstract The paper explores some of the unintended consequences of the Protestant Reformation, focusing on the […]

Jurnal teologic 19.1 (2020)

Otniel Ioan BUNACIU, The Near and the Distant Neighbors – Reflecting on Karl Barth’s understanding of the possibility to speak about the Love of God. Jurnal teologic, Vol 19, Nr 1 (2020): 5-19. Universitatea din București Abstract This article represents an inquiry in how the theologian Karl Barth understands love in relation with knowing […]

Jurnal teologic 18.2 (2019)

Emil BARTOȘ, Reflecții pe marginea doctrinei mântuirii universale / Reflections on the Doctrine of Universal Salvation, Jurnal teologic, Vol 18, Nr 2 (2019): 5-36. Universitatea din București Abstract This article is a critical reflection on the teaching of universalism, which recently has become more and more popular even in the theological evangelical circles. The […]

Jurnal teologic 17.2 (2018)

Tamara PEICU, Melanchton – Honterus: Intertextuality at the Dawn of Reformation in Transylvania, Jurnal teologic, Vol 17, Nr 2 (2018): 5-31. University of Viena, Abstract At the beginning of the 16th century, Transylvania experienced tumultuous times caused by an ongoing conflict between the Hungarian and the Habsburg Kings over the province and the looming […]