Jurnal teologic 13.2 (2014)

SABOU, Sorin. ‘Snippets of Modern Wisdom.’ Jurnal teologic Vol 13, Nr 2 (2014): 5-27. Baptist Theological Institute of Bucharest; Liberty University Abstract These succinct snippets cover essential themes in the modern philosophy. The method is represented by Descartes, Bacon and to a certain extent Husserl. The existence of God as argued for by Descartes and […]

Jurnal teologic 12.1 (2013)

MATEI, Eugen. “Social Trinitarianism and the Trinitarian Thinking of the Church Fathers.”  Jurnal teologic Vol 12, Nr 1 (2013): 5-20. Abstract This paper considers some aspects of the Trinitarian thinking of the Fathers in order to evaluate its relevance to contemporary social Trinitarianism.  An understanding of the Trinitarian language is essential for understanding the social […]

Jurnal teologic 11.1 (2012)

ROSS, Cathy. “A Shirt-tail Experience? The Role and Significance of Women in Majority World Churches.” Jurnal teologic 11.1 (2012): 5-25. Regent’s Park College, University of Oxford Abstract “What would the study of Christianity look like if scholars put women in the centre of their research?”  Dana Robert posed this question in her recent article entitled […]

Jurnal teologic 10 (2011)

MARIȘ, Daniel. “Critica textuală în studiile Vechiului Testament.” / “Textual Criticism in the Old Testament Studies.” Jurnal teologic 10 (2011): 4-13. Baptist Theological Institute of Bucharest Abstract: The textual criticism has its own merits in producing good tools for research such as grammars, lexicons, original editions of the Biblical texts, critical commentaries. In the same […]